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Local Snack Foods Plant Cited by OSHA

August 19, 2019

The U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) found safety violations at a local snack food plant and as a result, has reached a settlement agreement, which requires the manufacturing plant to implement changes to promote worker safety. The violations included problems with machinery in that employees were not properly trained on the equipment and that during routine maintenance servicing and work on the machinery, employees were left exposed to dangerous moving parts.

In addition to making structural changes to the equipment, J&J Snack Foods Corp. will also be required to hire a full-time corporate safety director to help oversee safety at that plant and others that are located throughout the New Jersey and New York regions. J&J Snack Foods Corp. must also pay a penalty of over $152,000 as a result of the infractions and conduct safety training for employees in their native languages, if their primary language is not English.

OSHA and J&J Snack Foods Corp. Discuss the Settlement Publicly

Both OSHA and J&J Snack Foods Corp. touted the agreement as a positive step toward increasing safety at various plants. Additionally, this should be a signal to other manufacturing plants that OSHA is serious about safety. Employers cannot hide behind the fact that employees speak another language to cut corners on safety. Even if employees speak other languages, employers must find a way to communicate safety procedures to them. This may cost them extra money, but it may be far less than what the company would have to pay out if there is an accident or an OSHA violation.

This settlement has been prominent in the press lately and it is a reminder to employers to stay constantly vigilant about safety in manufacturing plants.  Although this may seem like an unusual case, OSHA finds many violations every year, and not all settlements may be made public. OSHA ensured that the settlement in this instance could be referred as a learning tool for companies, employees, and unions. If people are doing the same procedures daily, it can lead to lax standards if safety procedures are not firmly embedded in the company’s culture.

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