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Taking Down Holiday Decorations After the Holidays

January 07, 2019

Camden premises liability lawyers help victims injured by the removal of holiday decorations.During the holidays, you decorated the house, put up the tree, and arranged the candles. The December holidays bring a time of cheer and happiness, but people must be aware of the hazards that accompany the decorations we associate with the holidays. Over 250 injuries are reported a day during the holiday season, in association with decorations, according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. Most injuries involved falls from heights, lacerations, and back strains. The following are helpful tips when taking down holiday decorations.

The Christmas Tree

Eventually, the Christmas tree must come down. If your tree took a tumble this holiday season, next year invest in a wider and heavier stand that is less prone to tipping. This will go a long way to prevent accidents among children and other visitors in your home.

Holiday Lights

As you are putting your lights away, be sure that the packaging says that they were tested by a nationally recognized testing laboratory. Additionally, be sure to use lights for the area they were designed for and do not place lights outside if they are designed for indoor use only. Be sure to throw away extension cords that have cuts or signs of fraying so that they are not in use next year. Check your lights for these signs of problems as well. Lights outside should only be plugged into sockets with a ground-fault circuit interrupter (GFCI). If you did not have one this year, be sure to install one next year to avoid possible fire hazards.

Ladder Safety

If there were no injuries associated with putting up the lights or decorations on a ladder, that is great, but taking down the lights can even be trickier. Be sure to always follow the warning labels on ladders, place ladders on solid ground, and step in the middle of the rung for the best balance. Ladders should extend three feet over the roof line to ensure proper placement when performing work. Most ladders have weight limits. Make sure your ladder can support you and the load you are carrying.

Always be mindful of who is around when you take down the holiday decorations. Objects that fall from great heights can cause serious injury to those walking by your home or visitors entering and exiting the home.

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