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Things You Should Not Do When Driving

March 27, 2019

Cherry Hill car accident lawyers help victims in all types of car accidents.Certain drivers view driving as a time to multi-task and they may view their daily commute or the drive to school as a waste of time. If drivers are tired, they may be trying to keep themselves awake by doing other activities. However, distractions cause trouble and elevate a driver’s risk of an accident. The following are hazardous factors and suggestions of what not to do when driving.

Keeping Extra Items in the Car: Drivers should regularly clean out their cars since extraneous items can block the view of the driver. The items could become projectiles and injure the driver or passengers. Additionally, storing lots of things in the car could make your car susceptible to thieves.

Playing Extremely Loud Music: Drivers should avoid turning up the music to an overtly loud volume, since it could prevent them from hearing other important sounds around them. Additionally, driving with loud music and the windows down can draw attention to your car or your driving, and it may have unintended consequence, such as getting pulled over by the police for a very minor infraction.

Smoking: Smoking in an enclosed environment increases risks for burns and inhalation of smoke by over 10 times, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. Additionally, drivers and passengers risk ingesting pollutants that can get into the body through the mouth or skin.

Changing Clothes: Although it may not be illegal to change in your car, some states have laws against public nudity, which could apply depending on how much you are disrobing. This could obviously create a distraction for you and other drivers around you if you are changing clothes while driving or while in an area where cars are moving around you, such as a parking lot.

Arguing: Arguing in the car can make you vulnerable in several ways. In a research study by Harvard School of Public Health, researchers found that arguing in the car can put you at risk of a heart attack or stroke hours later. Additionally, the argument can trigger you to take your eyes off the road or make questionable decisions in your driving. This could cause a car accident where you may be at fault due to speeding or by making other erratic movements in the car. Drivers may not even realize that they are speeding as a result of the argument.

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