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Tips for Avoiding Truck Accidents

July 05, 2018

The sizes and numbers of commercial trucks on the roads in this country make the high incidence of serious and fatal truck accidents a sobering reality. Since trucks are larger than other vehicles, these accidents can be responsible for more fatalities and higher-impact crashes than other motor vehicles. Trucking safety is a shared responsibility of drivers and company owners. Here are some tips that, if followed, can go a long way towards making our roads safer.

Truck Driver Training

Any company that employs truck drivers must have rules and regulations in place for safe transportation practices, including that each driver has a current commercial driver’s license. Every state has its own set of training, regulations, and application procedures. Promoting safety awareness can teach drivers and management to keep it foremost in their minds. Safety awareness days or weeks with prizes, promotions, and on-site courses are useful for this.

Teaching drivers about proper driving procedures in all types of weather is imperative, and they should also be educated about loading, securing, and unloading cargo correctly. A heavy item that falls from a truck moving at a high speed could be fatal. They should also understand proper handling procedures for flammable and other dangerous materials that they are transporting. This training is beneficial for all parties as it keeps truck drivers safer and protects company goods and vehicles.

Monitoring Driver Behaviors

There are many driver monitoring and surveillance applications that can track a driver’s location, stop times, idle times, seat belt use, possible alcohol use, and other driving behaviors. This data can teach them to become better drivers by learning how to avoid accidents. These applications are also helpful for examining truck performance and the vehicle’s locking systems. A company’s IT department can analyze the data and make safety recommendations that can be implemented.

It is important for drivers to take regular rest stops on long drives. Many accidents result from a driver being fatigued, which can make them unable to focus and concentrate behind the wheel. Drivers should be instructed to make these stops when needed without being penalized. Other risky driving behaviors include speeding, changing lanes too quickly, following too closely, and not braking properly. Drivers should have first aid kits, fire extinguishers, batteries, and fluids.  Lastly, make sure that all drivers have an emergency kit in the vehicle and easy access to it.

Take Care of the Trucks

Consistent maintenance and regular inspections of company vehicles are essential for safer rides. Mechanics should be on hand to thoroughly check the trucks, including doors, reflectors, fluid levels, lights, coupling, and brakes. The engine should be tested to ensure proper functioning as well. Every vehicle should conform to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s regulations. After inspections, the reports should be reviewed carefully and any changes should be made immediately.

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