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Trampoline Safety and Liability

August 28, 2018

Camden premises liability lawyers advocate for victims injured on trampolines.Many outdoor accidents can occur during the warmer months. This is especially true when we are doing activities that we are not normally engaged in. A fellow neighbor or your child’s friend may have a trampoline in their backyard that will see frequent use in the summer. Being aware of the following safety precautions can reduce the risk of accidents.

Unintended Users

The trampoline owner has a great interest in protecting the trampoline from becoming an attractive nuisance. In legal terms, this means something that children are naturally attracted toward but can be dangerous without supervision. A backyard pool or pond is another example of an attractive nuisance. Therefore, like a pool, a trampoline should be fenced in and the entryway ladder should not be accessible to unintended users. A small child should not be able to wander into the yard and easily access a large trampoline.

Owners Should Provide Proper Supervision

If the owner does allow children to use the trampoline, they should always supervise use and have rules in place so that no more than one child is jumping at a time. Somersaults or acrobatic moves should not be performed on the trampoline either. Additionally, jumpers should not land on the springs or frame of the trampoline to prevent injury or breakage. Many accidents occur because multiple people jumping at once can bump into one another or knock one another off the trampoline.

Owners Must Provide Proper Maintenance of Trampolines

Trampoline owners should ensure that there are no faulty or broken parts on the trampoline. This maintenance should be performed periodically. If an owner uses the excuse that they never use the trampoline, and it is not normally inspected, they would likely be responsible for any injuries caused on the trampoline, as it is their responsibility to issue a reasonable duty of care on their premises. Additionally, even if there are defects in the product due to manufacturing issues, if the owner knew about the defects but let people jump on the trampoline, the owner may be liable for injuries, along with the manufacturer.

While the owner can be liable for accidents that occur on the trampoline, the users of the trampoline may also be jointly liable for any accidents that occurred.  For example, if there are rules posted and the jumpers did not follow them, if the jumpers entered the trampoline without permission, or if there were multiple people on the trampoline and another person contributed to the injury, these scenarios could lessen the owner’s liability for injuries.

Camden Premises Liability Lawyers at DiTomaso Law Advocate for Victims Injured on Trampolines

If you or your child has experienced an injury on a trampoline, regardless of whether the owner is an individual or a company, the Camden premises liability lawyers at DiTomaso Law can help. With offices in Philadelphia and Cherry Hill, New Jersey, we proudly serve clients from the surrounding areas. Contact us online or call us today at 856-414-0010 for a free consultation.

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