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Work-Related Stress Injuries

May 23, 2019

Many people are aware that Workers’ Compensation covers injuries or illnesses that occur on the job, which includes less obvious cases, such as work-related stress injuries. Work-related stress injuries consist of physical injuries often caused by repetitive motions in the course of work duties. It can also include emotional stress. It is critical for employees in any industry to know their rights and protections that apply to these conditions.

Workers’ Compensation provides coverage for most employees who develop an injury or illness in the course of performing their work duties. It provides for medical treatment for the condition as well as a percentage of wages while the employee is unable to work. Employees must follow workplace procedures when reporting and filing a claim for an injury or illness. In any case where an employee has concerns about their eligibility or potential denial of a claim, consult with an experienced Workers’ Compensation lawyer for guidance.

Types of Stress Injuries

Physical stress injuries are common in the workplace. Carpal tunnel syndrome is very common and is a painful and debilitating condition that occurs when pressure on the median nerve causes a variety of symptoms, such as numbness, tingling, and pain in the hands, fingers, and arms. Carpal tunnel is a common stress injury that occurs in both office and administrative work from regular typing and keyboard use to physical labor from operating equipment. It can result in both chronic and acute symptoms that significantly affect the person’s ability to carry out their normal work duties. Other common conditions are back injuries or spine and nerve damage from repetitive lifting or motions. Physical stress injuries can also worsen an existing condition.

Emotional stress resulting from performance of work duties can also be eligible for Workers’ Compensation; however, these claims are more challenging to prove. In some cases, and where specific jurisdictions prohibit claims for emotional stress, an employee can file a personal injury claim against the employer. In these situations, it is critical to document a case thoroughly and gather supporting evidence, such as any meetings with managers, witnesses, workplace conditions, and medical treatment.

Work-related stress injuries of any kind are important to fully document as part of filing a compensation claim. Recovery can consist of medical treatment and rehabilitation, and in cases of long-term symptoms, temporary or permanent disability benefits. Upon returning to work, the employee is entitled to recommended remedies to prevent the injury from recurring. Employers have a responsibility to comply with workplace safety measures and offer appropriate training and equipment to minimize the risk of acute or chronic injury and disease in the workplace. An attorney with strong experience in navigating the Workers’ Compensation system is strongly recommended.

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