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Can I Collect Workers Compensation for Injuries I Sustained on a Business Trip?

November 03, 2022

If are injured during a business trip, you might be eligible to collect Workers’ Compensation as long as the injury is work-related. Suppose you are on a business trip to tend to an informational and marketing booth at a trade show. Workers’ Compensation would cover the costs of any injuries that you might suffer while tending to the trade show.

If you regularly go away on business trips or have a business trip planned, you should know when Workers’ Compensation benefits might apply.

Portal-to-Portal Coverage for Business Travel

Workers’ Compensation should protect you while you are in transit to and from your destination while on a business trip. Portal-to-portal coverage applies to the travel required to get to where you are going and to return home. Without travel, it would be impossible to go on a business trip. Whether you use planes, trains, or automobiles to travel, Workers’ Compensation should cover you.

Portal-to-portal coverage only applies to business trips. The coverage does not apply to pleasure trips that you might take while on your business trip. For example, you might rent a car and go to a restaurant for dinner. Your coverage would not apply while at the restaurant or while driving to and from it. Portal-to-portal coverage also does not apply when you are driving to and from work on a daily basis. It only applies to transportation required for a business trip.

What Types of Benefits Would Cover My Work-Related Injuries?

If you have a workplace injury, Workers’ Compensation benefits will cover some of your losses. The available protections include:

  • Medical expense benefits.
  • Portion of lost wages.
  • Temporary total disability benefits.
  • Permanent total/partial disability benefits.

Additionally, when you file for Workers’ Compensation and accept the benefits, you surrender the right to sue your employer. If your Workers’ Compensation claim is denied, a lawyer can help you and uphold your rights.

How to Prove an Injury Happened During a Business Trip?

Whether an injury happens on a business trip or while at your traditional place of employment, the burden of proof is the same. You will have to show that the injury occurred because of your work activities. Something obvious might happen, like a slip and fall or another type of injury accident. A witness or video footage could help show how your injury occurred.

A medical diagnosis may be needed to show how the accident could cause your medical condition. The sooner that you obtain medical care, the easier it is to prove your injury is work-related. You likely need to see an employer-approved doctor to treat your work injury.

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