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Protecting Yourself When Working in Tight Quarters

August 09, 2019

Workers whose jobs involve working in tight spaces face some immediate risks of injury, but they also face the long-term effects of working in small spaces. The proper protection can guard against the everyday threats posed by tight spaces, as well as the physical threats down the road.

The Right Headgear

Hard hats are mandatory for many construction workers, but all sorts of employees find themselves working in confined spaces where head injury might occur. For example, a worker trying to discern what is wrong with a dwelling’s mechanicals might end up in a crawl space, where they have no idea what they bump into.

Such workers do not need to wear a hard hat per se, but a bump cap might spare them the type of injury or concussion that could send them to the emergency room. It is also possible to purchase inserts that turn a baseball cap or other type of headgear into instant bump caps. Keep in mind that hard hats and bump caps are not interchangeable, as they were designed for different types of protection.

Knee Protection

Some employees spend much of their working lives crawling around, and that can take a terrible toll. Knee injuries are cumulative, and a minor knee issue can turn into a blowout at any time. Osteoarthritis is another culprit, resulting in chronic pain and lack of mobility.

That is why the use of knee pads while crawling or kneeling on the job is essential. Purchase the best quality knee pad available, as well-made knee pads conform to the shape of the wearer’s knees during movement. Such pads contain gel or foam lining to cushion the joint and keep it stable. The padding evenly distributes pressure, and absorbs some of the impact caused by crawling or kneeling.

Tight Spaces and Lanyards

For most purposes, a traditional lanyard will suffice. That is not true for those working in tight spaces, since the standard lanyard can easily snag. Instead, consider either a retractable lanyard or a coil lanyard. The retractable lanyard can store the entire lanyard in a compact setting, so it is not in the worker’s way. The coil lanyard does not snag because it is in a coil, and using the lanyard requires expanding the coil. Since a lanyard may prove lifesaving, buy the most durable, quality item available.

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